Do I need a Vermont traffic ticket attorney?

A logical question for any one who has recently been issued a Vermont Traffic Ticket is whether they should retain a Vermont traffic ticket attorney to represent them in their case. Here are a few useful pieces of information in making that determination:

1)  The lawyer’s fee will likely be higher than the fine-The fine only tells one part of a much larger story and that is the effect that the point infraction will have on your insurance rates and license.  Most states will not only look at the points issued as a result of the traffic ticket, but also the offense itself.  Speeding, reckless driving, unsafe passing and many other Vermont moving violations can have a drastic effect on your insurance premium if convicted of the charges.

2)  You do not need to personality appear if you are represented by a Vermont Traffic Ticket Attorney:  Have a busy work schedule and don’t want to make the trip to the county court house where your hearing will be held?  No problem, your attorney can appear on your behalf, argue the case and send you the final result, without you having to expend the time and expense in personally appearing;

3) Even when there appears to be no defense there just might be one- Ok, you were speeding, you know it and the cop knows it.  However, even in cases that appear to be clear cut, there may just be a procedural defense to the charge.  Did the officer conduct the proper maintenance on his radar prior to starting his shift?  Were there other vehicles in close proximity that may put into question what vehicle the officer was actually pointing their radar at? Did the officer in fact hold jurisdiction over the stretch of road in which you were pulled over?  These potential issues and many more have been successfully litigated in court in the past and have resulted in dismissals of cases.

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