Tips when facing a Vermont traffic ticket

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Seeing the blue lights behind your vehicle can be terrifying to any law abiding citizen.  However, don’t let this terror force you into giving up your valuable rights when the officer approaches your window. Your initial interaction may make all the difference in the final outcome of your Vermont Traffic Ticket or Vermont DUI case.

There are a few key aspects of this interaction that all motorists should keep in mind:

1)  Most Vermont police officer have body microphones that are immediately turned on when they activate their blue lights;

2)  You are not required to answer the officer when they ask “do you know the reason why I pulled you over?”.  This is a tactic for the officer to elicit a recorded admission to the alleged violation.  A simple “no” is a sufficient answer;

3)  How you interact with the officer may play a huge role in negotiating a favorable plea deal prior to trial.  Keep in mind that these officers are merely doing their job and the more you argue with them, the more likely they are going to remember your specific case when they appear for trial;

4)  If given a ticket you have 20 days to mail it in to request a hearing.  Be sure to check the “denied” box on the back of the ticket;

Many motorists will simply mail in the ticket with a check.  If you do, there can be some far reaching consequences beyond the fine itself.  Consulting with a Vermont traffic ticket lawyer to learn of these potential ramifications and what your options are could well be worth your while.


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