Where are those Vermont police officers hiding?

Police are well trained to blend into the surrounding scenery, or least position themselves so by the time you see them, their radar has already seen you.  So where do Vermont officers like to position themselves and how can motorists prepare themselves so they can avoid a costly Vermont traffic ticket?

The speed trap: Your cruising along the highway and you see a police cruiser stationed in the medium.  No problem you think as you drive by and accelerate once the officer is out of view….Gotcha!  There is often times another officer just  a mile or two up the road.  This speed trap is meant to lull motorists into a false sense of confidence, thinking that the one police officer on this stretch of road has been avoided, so there cannot be another.  Beware of this, especially on Vermont I-91 and I-89.

The sudden change in speed limit:  Entering any Vermont village, the speed limit can suddenly drop from 40 mph to 25mph, or even worse from 50mph to 25mph.  Local police officers make a lot of money for their town positioning themselves just after this change in speed limit occurs.  This tactic is especially prevalent at the bottom of a descent.  Use those brakes!  It could save you a small fortune.

School zones while school is in:  This is an obvious one.  Speed limits can drop to as low as 15 mph in a school zone and you better believe that if there is a good place for a police officer to hide, they will be there when the kids are in school.  So heed those school zone signs, if you don’t your license could be in serious jeopardy.

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