Saving your job with the Vermont DUI Interlock Device

Prior to 2010 Vermont had zero laws that would allow a person convicted of DUI to get their license back earlier then the the 90 or 180 day suspension period for a DUI-first offense.  In a rural place like Vermont this law had drastic effects on those who needed to drive from their small town to a bigger one for work.

With average commutes for many Vermonters an hour or longer, a DUI conviction not only meant a permanent blemish on one’s record, thousands of dollars in fines and potential jail time, but also posed a substantial risk for one’s employment.

The Vermont legislation finally took a step in the right direction with the implementation of the DUI Interlock program (IID for short).  Now, those who are facing a DUI conviction may be eligible to pay for the installation of the device to cut their license suspension by up to 75%.

1)  DUI First Offense Convictions:  Can apply for IID after 30 days of suspension;

2)  DUI Second Offense Convictions:  Can apply for IID after 90 days of suspension;

3)  DUI Third Offense Convictions (Felony):  Can apply for IID after 1 year of suspension.

The IID is a great first step for those trying to put their life back in order after a DUI conviction in Vermont.  Although navigating the IID process can pose significant issues, the implementation of this law has given those facing such a conviction an ability to navigate their way though the shorter license suspension period so they can move on with as little collateral damage as possible.

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