Is there such a thing as Vermont traffic ticket probation?

In certain cases, with specific factors an argument may be made that a driver facing a moving violation should be placed on Vermont traffic ticket probation to allow them to prove to the court and the officer that the error they made was not indicative of their overall driving character.  Here is how it works:

1)  The driver must have no other violations in the State of Vermont;

2)  The violation must be relatively minor in nature (i.e. a 2 point speeding violation, failure to use turn signal etc.);

3)  The driving conduct cannot include any kind of accident;

4)  The driver must have been polite and able to acknowledge their conduct, either through their lawyer admitting guilt or through the driver’s own admission.

If the driver meets the following criteria a police officer can agree to dismiss the ticket “with prejudice”.  The officer will conduct a motor vehicle check of the driver in 2 years and if the check comes back clean, with no further violations, the ticket will remain dismissed.  However, if the driver picks up another moving violation in the State of Vermont, the officer can reissue the ticket and the driver must then appear in court to answer to the charge.

Although Vermont traffic ticket probation is a rare occurrence, it may give certain drivers the relief they need to avoid the many financial ramifications that come with a Vermont traffic ticket, beyond what the fine imposes.

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