Do you know what the speed limit is?

Proper posting of speed limit signs is a predicate requirement to any speeding violation.  Vermont roads are known to be windy and, at times, closely closed in by foliage.  As a result, speed limit signs at times can be difficult if not impossible to view.

If charged with a speeding violation, the first step in any defense is to go back to where the last speed limit sign was displayed and take a picture.  If the sign is covered by leaves or other debris or is simply in a place that cannot be viewed easily from the road, this can play into a successful resolution of your Vermont speeding ticket.

So before you leave the scene of the stop with that dreaded white ticket in your hand, be sure to capture everything you can about the scene and the road leading up to it.  The circumstances may be just what you need to be able to negotiate your ticket or defend it at trial when your Vermont Judicial Bureau hearing comes around.