As day turns to night traffic laws in Vermont become more stringent

There is a big difference between daytime speeding and nighttime speeding.  During the day officer’s will in many instances give a little more leeway to drivers who are exceeding the speed limit.  However, as the sun goes down, drivers need to beware that any speed over the speed limit may be the basis for a motor vehicle stop due to the increased risk of operators driving under the influence of alcohol during the evening and night hours.

The long held basis for a lawful motor vehicle stop in Vermont is when an officer has a reasonable and specific suspicion that an operator is violating a traffic law.  During the day, when most motorists are traveling to and from work, Vermont officer’s will often let minor violations slide.  However, even a minor issue such as traveling 5mph over the speed limit or having a license plate light out can result in the blue lights being activated at night.

As a result, motorists should be especially mindful of their operation during the nighttime hours.  As, even if they are doing nothing else wrong besides the minor traffic violation, this can still lead to a hefty ticket and significant inconvenience as they attempt to navigate the nighttime roads throughout Vermont.



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