In response to the recent outbreak and on advice from the CDC, Chadwick and Spensley PLLC will be amending its policies as follows:

  1. In person meetings will be limited to urgent matters until at least April 14, 2020. For those seeking a non-emergency consultations, call or email the office to set up a time to discuss your case with an attorney.
  2. Attorneys will seek waivers of client’s appearances at all Court hearings until further notice. Please be sure to reach out to ensure a waiver can be secured in your case as there are some limited exceptions that may apply.
  3. Cases will continue to progress. Chadwick and Spensley will continue to advance cases in the client’s best interest. The justice system will not stop because of COVID-19, it will only change the way in which it conducts business. County prosecutors are still at their desks, judges are still ruling on legal issues and cases are still being resolved.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

Evan Chadwick, Esq.

Managing Partner.

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