Drugged Driving


Marijuana DUI

With the expectation of recreational marijuana becoming legal in the State of Vermont in the next year, law enforcement is now turning towards figuring out how to detect whether motorists are under the influence of marijuana while driving.

Cannabix Technologies, Inc. claims to have a breathalyzer that is able to detect THC (the active ingredient in Marijuana) in an individual’s saliva.  It is being alleged that if a certain level of THC is detected, that the driver can be arrested for DUI in the same fashion as if their Blood Alcohol Level was over .08, the legal limit for alcohol in the State of Vermont.

THC levels have not been defined by the Vermont legislature at this time.  However, one can be certain that if marijuana is legalized in Vermont, that a defined level will be set in conjuncture with legalization in order to appease the law enforcement community’s concern of drivers operating their motor vehicle on Vermont highways while high.