Interstate Point Transfer

Vermont to New York– New York and Vermont have both signed on to the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, an agreement that allows the States to freely share information about traffic tickets received in their State with the operator’s home state.  However, New York does not apply the points obtained in outside jurisdictions unless they are for alcohol or drug based offenses.  This does not keep insurance companies from being able to pick up on these violations.

Vermont to Massachusetts:  Massachusetts is one of the few states that did not sign up for the Interstate Compact.  This does not isolate them from accepting and processing out of state tickets .  Similar to New York, Massachusetts does not customarily process the points on out of state violations (unless they are alcohol or drug based), but does add them to the driver’s motor vehicle record.  This transfer allows for increases in insurance premiums and placing a motorist’s operating privileges at risk if they become a habitual offender (i.e. 3 or more violations in one year), which can result in at least a 30 day license suspension in Massachusetts.

Vermont to Connecticut:  Under Connecticut law, the DMV has the authority to process out of state tickets and apply them to a Connecticut driver’s record.  Thus, it should be assumed that a Vermont ticket will carry with it points in Connecticut as well as a blemish on one’s driving record.

Vermont to New Jersey:  New Jersey DMV applies 2 points for every out of state moving violation.

Vermont to New Hampshire: New Hampshire applies out of state violations to their driving records based on their point system.  Common examples of violations are:  1-24 mph over speed limit (3 points),  25 mph or more over speed limit (4 points), DWI (6 points).